Sep 092005

Time finds what it really, really charitably calls ‘discrepancies’ in FEMA Chief Michael Brown’s resume. Like when he served as "assistant city manager with emergency services oversight" in Edmond, Okla.? Okay, he was an intern (title=administrative assistant) there while he was in college. Or about his position as "Outstanding Political Science Professor [at] Central State University." The school says he never taught there. He’s been a director at the Oklahoma Christian Home since 1983. Only no one there’s ever heard of him.

You gotta read the entire Time article to fully appreciate what a total line of BS surrounds this guy.

You can’t make this stuff up. Or, I guess, maybe that’s not the best line in this case.  Of course, he’s a perfect fit with the "up is down; down is up" administration.

Of course, the Democrats don’t get off very lightly. When confirmed for his first FEMA position in 2002, the Democratic controlled Senate Committee lead by Joe Liebermann held a forty-two minute confirmation hearing. Did their staffers not think it was important enough to at least confirm the guy’s resume?

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