Sep 052005

If you keep up with some of the comments left on my blog, you will find that “Sadam Hussein” has been leaving comments on the blog (at least its who he claims to be). I guess they’re giving him computer access from his cell. Wink You can read his comments here, and here.

I suppose he’s been checking by the blog recently, and has been wondering about my lack of posting. As I noted in a post early this week, posting would be lite due to a heavy work load. And it has been a heavy load which is continuing through the holiday weekend. My boss, and the manager on a project decided, despite never liking the level of effort estimates I make, that they didn’t really know what it would take on this particular project. So, called me about lunch time Friday to write a statement of work and put together two project plans. So much for the holiday weekend.

I suppose I wouldn’t mind, but at the company I am with now, there’s no longer any appreciation for doing the extra work or closing the deal, or doing a good job. No bonuses or raises in a couple of years now, and not even an evaluation in a couple of years.

In fact, its so bad, a friend called last week to let me know the VP had made unusually complimentary comments about some work I’d done on a very important project. Of course, I’d just gotten off a phone call with my immediate boss, and despite having been in the same meeting, he didn’t think it important enough to pass along the complimentary comment.

I guess its up to me to make a change in that situation. But, back to the blogging. Saddam sent me a message directly asking why I hadn’t posted about Katrina. Of course, there are a couple of posts here, and I am working on another, more extensive article. However, its getting tons of coverage from many other sources, so I won’t write much about it here.

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