Oct 032005

This idiot was on Scarborough Country making his point that Katrina was "the wrath of God." I expect this sort of stupid crap from the Falwells, Dobson’s and Robertson’s…but this guy is an elected official, and more of his kind seem to get elected each cycle. That’s what is scary.

You can view the video here.

One of the things you will notice is that they all talk about the French Quarter of New Orleans being a nexis of sin and evil. Yet none of them can explain how it is that the French Quarter seemed to be the only part of New Orleans spared significant damage.

I don’t often agree with Joe Scarborough, but he concluded this segment with the following statement (which I do agree with):

"All I will say is this.  When you look at Matthew 25, and the disciples ask Jesus, how do we get to heaven?  That‘s what they were interested in.  We want to sit on the right hand of the father.  How do we do it?  Jesus said, you take care of the poor.  You give the thirsty water.  When they come to your door and they need food, you give it to them.  When they need clothes, give them the clothes off your back and visit them in jail.  Basically, help the dispossessed. "  That‘s why I just find it hard to square up my vision of God and what Jesus Christ said in the New Testament with what the senator is saying tonight."

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