Oct 212005

Sometimes, its the little tidbits that lead to the bigger story. I think that perhaps the White House is finally starting to realize that ship is about to hit the span. The Providence Journal is reporting that White House Chief of Staff, Andy Card, has cancelled his planned attendance at a political fund raiser this weekend.

"All we know is that the White House called and said he had to be with the president," Morgan said. "He needs to be at Camp David this weekend."

Now these guys have never met a fundraiser they didn’t love, so it must be serious for Card to cancel…and if all was right with the world, why wouldn’t he send his Deputy Chief of Staff (Turdblossom Rove) to cover this event?

Apparently the Special Prosecutor has now informed Rove and VP Chief of Staff, Scotter Libby, that they may be in serious legal jeopardy. I think a lot of people in this Administration have figured out the jig is up, and are trying to be first to throw someone else under the wheels. However, I think we all know that Rove and Libby won’t spend any time in jail. And I’m sure the terms of their deal won’t preclude them from having email and phones, so you can bet Rove may not be on a government salary, but he’ll still be running things.

In fact, I see the right wingnuts making a martyr of him. I mean, after all, this was just big partisan attack on man who patriotic and loyal enough to prevent having this country and his President’s good name drug through the mud of a public trial…so he fell on his sword. What a hero. (Expect pardons from Bush prior to any convictions too. I mean he can’t run again, so what does he care.)

I am also predicting you will see James A. Baker III make an appearance sometime soon. Andy Card is past burned out, so I think Papa Bush has probably figured out that Junior is in over his head. He’ll call in the family fixer, and I think you’ll JAB installed as Chief of Staff (or they will make Cheney resign, and appoint JAB as Veep).

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