Dec 072005

Famed homophobic bigot and all around sex-obsessed Hillsborough County Commissioner Rhonda Storms has called for a referendum on nudity. I can’t tell if she wants more of it or less, but having seen her ass in a pair of pants…I’m hoping less. In keeping with her past MO, she sprung this on the other Commissioners without warning.

The Tampa Tribune reports:

Her proposal caught other commissioners off guard. They said it’s premature to call for such a referendum.

Storms is quoted as saying, "This industry is very brazen and bold because the signal from local government is we are not going to treat you seriously."

Storms is such an incredible nut job. I sent the following letter to the Tribune…maybe it will get published.

In regards to Rhonda Storms’ most recent tirade about strippers, I think it was best said by the Bard, "Me thinks thou dost protest too much," or as my Grandfather said, "the bit dog barks first."

This lady clearly has an unnatural obsession with the sex lives of everyone else in the world. My experience is that generally, people like her usually have serious issues of their own. I wish the people in her district would quit foisting her embarrassing escapades on all of Hillsborough County, and let her go back to whatever it is she’s into that doesn’t involve everyone else.

This thing of throwing these major proposals at the entire Commission without warning is growing old. She needs to remember that she and her up-tight Puritan brethren are not the only people living in this County. There are much more critical issues than someone getting a lap dance in a motor home.

UPDATE: The letter above appears in the Sunday, Dec. 11 edition of the Tampa Tribune (Commentary).

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