Jan 052006

The leader of the Muslim Council of Britain has said religious leaders should join together to voice their opposition to "harmful" civil partnerships and sexual diversity.

Sir Iqbal Sacranie told BBC Radio 4’s "PM" program that homosexuality is "not acceptable" and that the United Kingdom’s new civil partnership laws will be detrimental to society, according to media reports.

"It does not augur well in building the very foundations of society — stability, family relationships," Sacranie said of civil partnerships. "And it is something we would certainly not, in any form, encourage the community to be involved in."

Ya think maybe the Muslim religious leaders should be a little more interested in talking about tolerance?

It still amazes how all these religious leaders talk about marriage being the bedrock of society, but at the same time somehow it is so fragile that giving same sex couples the same recognition would destroy it. I’d say that makes marriage a house built on sand.

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