Jan 022006

You read it right folks (from Americablog). Joining the ranks of the other children’s characters promoting the ultra-secret homosexual agenda to take over the world is Barbie. So move over Tinky Winky, Lenny the shark, and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Apparently the MEN that run the Concerned Women for America have decided that Barbie is now part of the scheme to promote people crossing over to the dark-side by promoting gender-confusion.

“This is directed at children aged four to eight… that’s a really young age to be directing something along the lines of bisexuality.”

If you listen to their fake “news story,” what they are apparently wrapped around the axle over now is the fact that on a Mattel web poll associated with “Barbie,” the company asks children if they are “boy” “girl” or “don’t know.” Besides the fact that its always good web design practice to provide a “non-decision” selection, perhaps the idiot MEN that run Concerned Women for America are too sex obsessed themselves to realize that maybe there is nothing nefarious going on here. Maybe, given that Mattel realizes young children might be on the site, the expectation is that some of them just might not understand the question. Duhhh!

The audio commentary from the wingnuts is a hoot. Two deadly serious commentators do a whole 4 minute fake news broadcast about the satanic “I don’t know choice”, that progresses from inane to bizzare. In the end, they claim the Barbie website is a tool that the transgendered conspiracy is using to convince girls to cut off their breasts. Wow, those krazy kristian kooks are real sickos.

You know, around the world, and in this country too, there are children that live on the streets. Whole families without homes. And all these fucking idiots have to worry about is something like this. Never mind that their divinely ordained leader, Bu$h, has cut funding to education, School lunches, food stamps for women with children, children’s healthcare…this is all these people have to worry about. Where is the outrage at groups like this that purport to be “Christian.” This kind of crap makes me sick to my stomach and ashamed to call myself a Christian. I guess I have no right to tell them what issues to take up, but I do have a right to be outraged that they wrap themselves in the mantle of Christianity. I honestly believe that God is weeping for us.

What’s really going on here is that the religious right has been attacking Mattel for months, just like they went after Ford and Microsoft and Allstate and Kraft and every other major American company. This is just another way for them to attack Mattel and get Mattel to do something bigoted to make amends.

But claiming that Barbie is promoting bisexuality to four year olds, that’s just whacked.

PS They also attack Barbie for not being a good Christian because good Christian girls only want to serve the Lord, get married, stay at home and have kids. I’m not making this up. I guess if you’re a woman (or a doll) who wants a career, then you’re a dyke.

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