Mar 222006

Well, once again blogging has been lite due a very heavy workload. Lots of stuff due, and all of it due this week. That’s combined with a trip to New York City today on business.

I’m back at La Guardia Airport now waiting on 7pm flight home. I flew up early this morning leaving Tampa at 7am. That makes for a very long day.

Normally I can sleep well on planes, and I had a whole row to myself coming up, but I had some work I wanted to get done, and the lack of distraction on the airplane was a good place to get my head into this and work on it. I was building a pricing model for something and doing some embedded conditional calculations.

I don’t want to sleep going home, as it will make it hard for me to get to sleep once home, but the eyelids are drooping here in the Delta Club room. Of course, there’s not much chance of nodding off here, as there is some guy sitting on the other side of the room annoying everyone in the room with his cell phone conversation. I’m not sure why he thinks everyone in here is interested in hearing his side of the conversation (and this conversation is mostly his side), but he’s certainly making sure we do. Everyone in here has been cutting him eyes, but he’s been at it non-stop for most of an hour now…and to the same poor person.

I truly hope they never start permitting cell phone use on airplanes. I foresee serious problems with air-rage. I would be a raving lunatic if I were stuck next to this guy for two and one-half hours on a flight with him on his phone…and he would be. Also, it’s the one time I can disconnect and concentrate on something other than email and the telephone. I just don’t think it kills us to shut down for a little while every now and again.

Sitting at the table over from me is a your girl wearing enough perfume for about four people. This is not something that normally bothers me, but this lady has on so much it does make breathing a bit difficult. Why do some women (and men too for that matter), think they have to bathe in perfume. When it is that strong, it’s not that pleasant. It’s when one just gets a hint, a whiff, that it becomes interesting.

(Oh thank heavens….Mr. Cell phone is finally leaving…of course, it’s about time for me to head to the gate as well.)

Well, I guess I’d better go find my gate. It’s about time for them to start boarding.

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