Apr 262006

I don’t know how it occurred to me, but I think I’ve found the answer to completely disspell the myth of Intelligent Design (creationsim).

Understand that the raft of scientific evidence supporting evolution has me completely convinced of it’s veracity as a scientific fact. I don’t for a minute believe God created everything in seven days, but it doesn’t hurt my faith one bit. However, we, as member’s of the human race, often test my faith. So?consider the theory of creationism from a theological perspective.

Take a look at how we all treat one another. It’s not only the Hitler’s or the Darfur’s of this world, but just how we treat one another on an individual basis. We?often marginalize and even?hurt those different than ourselves. We ignore the poor and homeless. We pack away the elderly and dying out of sight. We are destroying the earth on which we live. We’ve abused it to?what may be a tipping point from which?we can’t recover.

Obviously, if we are the best an omnipotent God can create, it really doesn’t speak much for God now does it? I know all about how people will argue that we are given free choice, but why wouldn’t?a really smart God anticipate our problems when he created us with base motivations of greed and?fear and hate?

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.)?said he thought George Bush shatters the myth of white supremacy, I think the human race pretty well shatters the myth of intelligent design.

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