Apr 162006

Some years ago an old high school friend had a southern food and cooking column he was marketing. To help him, I built him a small website to showcase some of the columns and post some recipes. It’s now grown to over 400 pages, and recently showed up briefly in an Ask Jeeves commercial.

You have to watch closely, but in a recent Ask Jeeves commercial there are two people in a lab. The female is holding a monkey. The male actor is conducting an Ask Jeeves search for a chicken pot pie recipe. He shows the other person the binoculars icon on the results page that allows you to get a quick preview of the referenced web page. The second page he floats over that pops up for a short time is, indeed, the Chicken Pot Pie recipe page from the Chefrick.com website.

I admit its a very short flash, and I could not have confirmed it with out watching it again and freezing it with the Tivo, but still…that’s pretty cool

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