Apr 122006

thinkerI’m not sure if you have noticed, but in the upper corner of the sidebar there is a random saying displayed. This is fed via a database of these quotes I’ve collected. I continue to add to it, and there are over 250 quotes there now. A WordPress plugin selects a random one each time a page loads.

Some of these are funny, some are inspiring, and some are insightful. I thought I’d start down the list and write about each one of them. I hope you will join the discussion about each one. This will be part of a series. I will try to write about one per day, but I’m not going to promise there will be?a series post every single day. Also, I won’t send out the notifications every day, but you will be able to find and read the entire series.

We will start with one of the sayings that serves as the current tag line for the blog.

“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it. -Mark Twain

I have quite a number of quotes from Twain, but who could point our foibles better than Twain?

Being somewhat plain spoken, there is not a lot of to read into this saying, and it’s as valid today as in Twain’s day. Especially given the current state of our government, you do have to wonder. It is frightening to think that the people in charge think we are stupid enough to not realize they are putting us on, but I don’t think American’s are on top of their game anymore when it comes to who’s in charge. So it’s distressing if the people in charge are able to get over on us like that.

Scarier still is the idea that they are as stupid as their actions seem to indicate. However, the double-edged sword of democracy is that we get the leadership we deserve. So if the people in charge are imbeciles, then we bare the responsibility for having elected them.

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