Apr 192006

I am due to fly into Atlanta this evening. About 3pm a friend advised me to turn on the news where I learned that a suspicious package left at a security check point had resulted in Atlanta airport being evacuated.

Before leaving the house, I did the correct thing, and called their reservation number. I got a call center in India (yes, I confirmed that with the guy). He had to call his U.S. based supervisor to see of flights were delayed. As usual, he insisted the flight was operating on-time.

Now here I sit with my 6:09 scheduled departure now pushed to 8:30. I should have done what I first thought of doing and rented a car and drove to Atlanta. If I’d left here at 4pm, I’d be at the hotel about 11:30. As it is, if the flight actually does leave at 8:30, I’ll get to the hotel about 10:30.

I understand shit happens, but I wish they’d been honest about the delay. I could have gotten a lot more work done.

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