May 262006

And I actually have been away. Of course being away no longer means leaving your web access behind, but work and work related travel has just been a bear the past few weeks. Lots of things due on short time schedules, and I’ve been traveling as well. Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, then Chicago again Monday after being told Friday to be there, and that precluded a trip to Boston.

I have today (Friday) off, and have mostly taken it easy while wrapping up a few chores around the house. We are having Lay’s nephews over tomorrow (two of them anyway) for swimming and then taking them to see X-men 3.

I don’t know what else we’re doing over the weekend, but I’m also taking off Tuesday, and I promise you my whole goal that day will be to do as little as possible.

I have missed blogging more regularly, and will try to be a bit more faithful now. There are already a couple of new posts, and I’ll add a bit more as the afternoon goes on.

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