May 052006

I was flipping channels last night and came across the Mary Cheney book seller’s interview with Diane Sawyer. Whatever else she might be I think I can safely say that Mary Cheney is selfish. When asked about her perspective on Bush?s call to ban gay marriage, Mary said that in her view she and her partner are already married. They’re just waiting for state and federal law to catch up. Well, that’s fine, Mary. You just go ahead and wait. Even though you have resources and a level of access most people can only dream of, don’t put yourself out. Even though people still die alone in ICU units because their partners are denied access, even though a foster child is ripped away from the gay couple that has been their parents for 15 years, even though committed gay couples are denied over 1000 tax-related benefits enjoyed by legally married folks, don’t bother getting up. You have yours. That’s all that matters.

The biggest thing that got to me was when she said “I do not have the luxury of being a single issue voter.” What she should have said was “I have a lot of privilege that I don’t want to give up.

Mary Cheney “doesn’t have the luxury”? She has every luxury. If she wasn’t already, she’s now the poster child for those who just want those slightly icky gay people to keep their sex lives to themselves. You know — “Mary Cheney doesn’t throw it in our faces, why do you have to?” — as if demanding equality somehow equates to having sex in public.

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