May 282006

Earrings aren’t good enough for ya? Maybe gauging is a higher purpose? If not, well, you’ll just have to accept that earlobes are a vestigial structure, an evolutionary hiccup, a leftover bit of flesh that has to make do with getting punctured for fun.The external ear itself has the valuable function of collecting and directing sound into the inner ear. The parts of the ear you can see without a doctor’s help are called the pinna; those curvy bits conduct sound vibrations in the air down into the tympanic cavity. The shape of the pinna helps your ear and brain figure out what direction sound is coming from. But the lobule — the part hanging down — isn’t any help. In fact, some people are born lobeless because of recessive genes, and this doesn’t seem to affect their hearing.

So, if you got ’em, we say flaunt ’em.

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