May 302006

It wound up being a far more active weekend that I had hoped for. I took Friday off and got most of my errands and household chores taken care of.

Friday night we went out to City Side for a while, and had a couple of drinks. The crowd was about average for a Friday night, but really cleared out at 11 pm.

Saturday, we had two of Lay’s Nephews over for swimming and then to see X-Men. Lay worked on his car some. it was, once again, immobile for the past week or two due to some kind of weird add-on that had failed and resulted in a vacuum leak. Sunday was more work on the car for him, and a few more chores for me. We also did some riding around getting parts for him to fix his car. We played cards with Mike and Jeff Sunday evening, and went with them Monday to a huge flea market about 65 miles north of Tampa in Webster. It’s weird in that it is only open Monday’s. The weather was very warm, but the humidity wasn’t bad.

Because we’d stayed up pretty late Sunday night to watch National Treasure, I was running on just a few hours of sleep. I tried for a nap Monday afternoon, but couldn’t really get off to sleep. Lay finally got his car back on the road.

Monday evening, Lay wanted to see another movie, so we went to see The Da Vinci Code. I took today off, and since he was back at work this afternoon, I took a nap and relaxed well.

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