Jun 062006

OK, I’ll admit the problem was caused by me tinkering around with the code that sends out the email notifications on new posts to the Deep Sand blog.

This stuff fascinates me, and I know just enough to get myself in trouble…as you obviously noticed. Hence the basically blank messages.

The link to “unsubscribe” to the mailing list was at the top of the message, and made it kind of seem like the link one should click on to visit the site. Well that wasn’t the case, and the email notification subscription system does not give you an alert box to confirm your unsubscribe. Clicking on that link just does it.

So, I have moved that link to the bottom of the message, so hopefully it is less obvious and won’t cause the same mistake. To get to the article referenced in the email, just click on the title of post, and you’ll go right to Deep Sand. Also, I try to add a couple of tidbits each day, but I know you don’t want to be getting two or more notification emails each day, so I don’t send them with each post. However, hopefully you will find something new and interesting each day if you visit, even without the notification.

And, I hope you’ll visit to read the post “Important Events in the World Yesterday ? Nero Fiddles“, which was what the original message was about.


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