Jun 062006

After the verb ‘to love’, the verb ‘to help’ is the most beautiful verb in the world.? –Bertha von Suttner

When I looked up the verb “Help” in the dictionary, I found lots of definitions.

  1. : to give assistance or support to
  2. a : to make more pleasant or bearable : IMPROVE, RELIEVE?b archaic : RESCUE, SAVE
  3. a : to be of use to : BENEFIT b : to further the advancement of : PROMOTE
  4. a : to change for the better

I think you’d have to agree that all of those are very good things. I like the third one, “to be of use to,” and four, “to change for the better.” This is back to the idea of a higher calling. The sense that we are here to make things better for those here with us now, and those generations yet to come.

If you read these definitions, those things are very noble. Again, a simple idea of trying to live up to the verb “help” would be a great challenge, but bare fruit for generations to come.

Have you and I “helped” someone today?

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