Jun 162006

A person who seeks help for a friend, while needy himself, will be answered first. –The Talmud

Can a call to selflessness be any more clear than this? How often do we seek help for ourselves, or pray to God to meet our needs, knowing we’ll get around to everyone else’s concerns as soon as we’re taken care of?

Maslow posits that this is an attitude ingrained in our very nature, and is part of our survival instincts. That’s what makes us part of the animal kingdom. What should set us aside as human’s is an unselfish heart ready to be concerned about others. I’m convinced that helping others find their blessings can only cause greater blessing to rain down on us.

This is also part of what I talk about all the time…about how no matter our situation in life, there are always people in worse circumstances, and if each of us just reached down life’s ladder to a few others, and helped them gain a rung or two…often in small ways, we are all made better. It’s really the basic message of Christianity, (while it seems to have been lost in dogma of religion) the compassionate spirit.

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