Jun 132006

This is most likely?the last update about Alberto. It rained some during the night, but not enough to even have to pump water from the pool. I did hear some gusty wind, but nothing major. The sun was out this morning when I got up.

There are some twigs down in the back yard, and I had to clean some small branches out of the pool, but nothing that amounts to anything. In looking at the radar summary, it does look as if another decent sized band of rain will be pulled through here this afternoon and into the evening.

The storm did come in at the Big Bend area, but did not make Hurricane status. I have not heard any reports of serious damage anywhere. Right now, all the worst rain appears to be around Savannah. Having the worst of the rain concentrated on the northeast side of the storm has a lot of it out over open water.

When I woke up this morning, I was flipping around the local channels to see their storm coverage, and it was actually pretty funny to watch the reporters trying to make a story out of this non-event. They so love to be outside leaning into the wind and getting battered around, but none of them could really find any of that, and there were no real dramatic shots for the camera people either.

A barge did get loose and hit the Howard Franklin Bridge (a main connector between here and St. Pete). One lane was closed for a while as they assessed damage, but I think that’s even back open now.

Alberto was never well organized, and is surrounded by dry air, so I’m expecting it will break up pretty fast now that it is over land.

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