Sep 142006

Well that’s a unique argument, even from the always-creative Bush administration.

You see, Osama’s goal is to bankrupt us – or so we hear. And that means that if we scan cargo coming into the US to make sure it doesn’t contain a nuclear bomb, well, that would cost money, and spending money is what Osama wants us to do. So, wise man that Chertoff is (you’ll recall, he was in charge of Hurrice Katrina response), we’re going to outsmart Osama and not spend much money at all on checking for nukes.

Take that, Tall One!

Of course, if Chertoff and Bush were serious about not bankrupting the country, they’d figure out what to do about Bush’s great adventure in Iraq that’s costing us nearly $100 billion a year. That would buy a lot of anti-nuke protection.

But hey, no one ever accused Republicans of wanting to spend money on anything other than tax cuts and invading small countries. And no one ever accused the Bush administration of actually making us safer.

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