Oct 252006

Monday, about the third person I ran into at the records management conference (ARMA) I was attending in San Antonio was Carol Keuch. Carol was my first boss at my current job. She’s gone on to work with Lockheed-Martin. As Monday and Tuesday wore on, I ran into a lot of the usual suspects, but certainly many fewer than in past years.

Monday night I took Bob Williams from Connecticut to dinner. We ate at a place called something like Pae Sannos on the Riverwalk. It was Italian cuisine, and I’d rate it as OK, but not great. However, the prices reflected “great.”

The weather got rather cool on Sunday, and it was sweater weather in the evenings.

I got home a little ahead of schedule last night, but there’s not a lot of difference between 11:45 and the scheduled midnight. I think American has the worst seats in the airline industry, and certainly have them the closest together…and I was in the back of the plane on both flights.

I took some pictures which you can see by clicking here.

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