Oct 162006

Denny Hastert and the other members of the House Leadership like to claim they are the ones that kicked Mark Foley out of the House for misconduct. Never mind they knew for years what was going on and did nothing, and that actually, Foley checked into rehad so fast once the e-mails were released they didn’t have time to ask him to resign.

Now Ohio Representative Bob Ney has plead guilty to multiple counts of accepting brides, yet he remains an illustrious member of U.S. House of Representatives. Of course, once that became public, they all started saying how they would demand his resignation, “once they come back into session after Election day.”

The FBI’s been investigating the guy for a couple of years now. The House Ethics Committee has issued not a peep. Ney even signed papers attesting to his misconduct over two weeks, but even that wasn’t enough to get the Leadership to call for his resignation. It seems the party of personal responsibility just can’t bring themselves to hold each to account.

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