Oct 162006

One of the right wing nut jobs is Cliff Kincaid at a group inaccurately called, Accuracy In Media.” This idiot has decided that there is a network of gay Democrats that have, over many years, infiltrated the Republican Party and the staff of the Congressional Leadership. I kid you not, this idiot has decided the Mark Foley issue is part of a Democratic dirty trick that’s been in the works for years.

I’ll let the goober-head speak for himself:

The complex nature of the “dirty trick” against the Republicans over the Mark Foley scandal is beginning to emerge. It doesn’t involve a George Soros-funded group or emails that had been in the possession of the media or shopped around by Democratic operatives. Instead, the GOP has played a trick on itself. The party brought so-called gay Republicans into positions of power in Congress only to realize that the confidential information they held about a secret gay network was political dynamite that could backfire.

At this point in the scandal, the issue is not whether there was such a network, but how big it is…A New York Times story by Mark Leibovich confirmed that gay Republicans have occupied “crucial staff positions” in Congress and “have played decisive roles in passing legislation, running campaigns and advancing careers.”

[…] If you are getting the idea that gay Republicans may be closeted Democrats, then you are beginning to understand how the Mark Foley scandal could have been a Democratic Party dirty trick.

Some of my friends think I wear a tin foil hat sometimes. Holy cow, just listen to this guy:

So if the gay Republicans are not really Republicans, what are they? One veteran observer of this network told AIM that the Foley scandal should make it crystal clear that the gay Republicans are in reality “liberal activists” who want to use the party to advance the same [H]omosexual [A]gendaâ„¢ embraced by the Democrats.

So, somehow we’re powerful enough to bring down the entire Republican House Leadership, and maybe cause the Democrats to win control of the House…but we can’t prevent the Republicans from keeping us out of the Military, preventing us from getting domestic partner benefits, and from introducing stupid and bigoted Constitutional Amendments. I guess we just didn’t realize how much power we really have.

Of course, don’t forget, we actually have the power to destroy heterosexual marriage, just by being able to marry our own same-sex partners. I guess we should have known.

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