Oct 282006

You’d be sitting around with some of your friends on the hall, and maybe have your inhibitions lowered a little having had a couple of beers…and you’d talk about the most deep topics. I think we often loose that when we get older. Maybe part of it is a fear of opening yourself up; part probably comes from becoming cynical and maybe a little less trusting of others. Maybe it becomes too important that we be seen as strong and independant…rather than exposed and thoughtful.

In Eggers dorm at ASU, because I was a Resident Assistant, I’d often find myself hanging out in the Resident Director’s apartment with friends chewing over the great questions of life. (At least when Larry “Rainbow” Johnson was the RD.) Anyway, I want to try to get back to just a little of that. While sitting around in the same room isn’t so practical in this forum, at least this opens the discussion to a lot of people.

So here’s the challenge. I want you all to use the comments section and tell us all about the 10 minutes of your life that you would like to live over again. A span of 600 seconds that was so meaningful, you’d love to do it one more time.

Let the discussion begin….

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