Oct 222006

I’m in San Antonio for the annual conference of the Association for Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA). I was speaking at a pre-conference event yesterday for the utilities industry specific group. I flew in Friday night, and will be here until Tuesday afternoon.

Yesterday, I sat through a few sessions and had lunch at the conference. Yesterday afternoon, after returning to the hotel, I dozed off for a brief nap, then walked up the street to a downtown Mall, Riverside. It’s a nice mall, but has all the same stores you’d find in any other mall. About the most exciting thing I did was watch a movie yesterday afternoon, Man of The Year.

The hotel, Marriott Plaza, is very nice. It’s smaller than the other main Marriott here, and the staff is very pleasant, the food in the restaurant, where I had breakfast, is very good. It’s also convenient to every thing being only a little over a block from the Convention Center. It was just a block or so to The Riverwalk and two blocks to this downtown mall.

I have taken some pictures, and I thought I’d brought the cable to connect my camera, but apparently I didn’t. The scary thing is that if I did, I managed to loose it.

The weather is lightly overcast today, and it’s a little on the cool side. I’m trying to do the Rachael Ray thing today, and do San Antonio on $40. I’ll let you know how I do.

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