Nov 102006

Well, it seems that Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth has decided that it’s not really George Allen’s fault that he lost the Senate election. It’s all because of the homosexuals. There are so many things wrong with this.

First off, anyone with even a single ping of gaydar will recognize this guy’s main problem. This is a guy that sneaks into gay leather-man conventions “to do research.” He has to do lot’s of research as it turns out. (wink wink)

Second, if gay people had all the power these religious right wing-nuts seem to think, why for God’s sake would we have allowed the Republicans to rule Congress for twelve years, and why would we have allowed George Bush to get elected (of course I think we did contribute to that some…ever watched Karl Rove closely?)

And LaBarbera has a solution to the problem in a press release today:

LaBarbera also called on all homosexual staff in both major parties to be open about their lifestyle in the interest of full disclosure to the public and each Member’s constituents.

I’ll go along with that, just so long as sweet little Peter is prepared to promise that all the Krazy Kristian Kooks that are also closeted gay people will come out as well. I can think of a few places where it could start. (Can Peter come out and play?) And good grief, check out the pictures of some of the staff ministers at Ted Haggard’s church. I’d be surprised if there’s a straight one among them. (Haggard you’ll recall is the Head of the Evangelicals in America who was outed by his regular hustler.)

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