Nov 162006

The Republican National Committee has just named Sen. Mel Martinez as its new chairman. He’s a perfect choice for the job.

Martinez squeaked into the Senate in 2004 by smearing Democrat Betty Castor and comparing her to terrorists. He demonstrated that he is willing to say and do anything to get elected.

In 2005, Martinez was the GOP’s point man on using Terri Schiavo for political gain, until the whole situation blew up in his face. In fact, he denied knowledge of a strategy memo prepared by his staff that was found in his own pocket!

Now this shameless politician will be directing the Republicans’ efforts to regain power in 2008. If you had any question about whether the next election would be based on the issues or another round of “smear and fear,” the selection of Martinez should provide an answer. The master of political sleaze will be working hand in hand with strategists like Karl Rove to ensure that the mudslinging and lies will reach an all-time high. Stay tuned.

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