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tinky_soy_med.jpgI was previously excited to learn about how Robert Knight, the male head of Concerned Women for America, had determined that drinking Orange Juice is the cause of homosexuality. Now it seems that James Rutz, chairman of Megashift Ministries and founder-chairman of Open Church Ministries, has determined that soy bean products are the cause of queerness. Can someone clear this up for me?

This didn’t come from some goofy fringe news site. It’s WorldNetDaily (which we affectionately refer to as WingNutDaily), a site that all the right-wing pundits use as a source for their daily vitriol. Here’s an excerpt:

There’s a slow poison out there that’s severely damaging our children and threatening to tear apart our culture….

The dangerous food I’m speaking of is soy. Soybean products are feminizing, and they’re all over the place….

Unfortunately, when you eat or drink a lot of soy stuff, you’re also getting substantial quantities of estrogens.

Estrogens are female hormones. If you’re a woman, you’re flooding your system with a substance it can’t handle in surplus. If you’re a man, you’re suppressing your masculinity and stimulating your “female side,” physically and mentally….

Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality. That’s why most of the medical (not socio-spiritual) blame for today’s rise in homosexuality must fall upon the rise in soy formula and other soy products.

Oh my head hurts. So many causes…you’d think the krazy kristian kooks would realize they should get on to a single story line about this.

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