Dec 042006

This was not the most fun weekend. I got really sick with a cold Thursday night, and it’s stuck with me the whole weekend. I did get a few chores taken care of.

We went to dinner Thursday to celebrate our friend Mike’s birthday. I was feeling fine, but as dinner went along my nose started running. By the end of dinner, it was pouring. We went to City Side for a while after that and had two drinks. Everyone made an early evening of it, but I had to stop at the 24 hour Walgreens just up the street from the bar and get cold medicine. It didn’t make a dent in the congestion, and I had a miserable night.

I was in rough shape Friday, but had to hang for a bit, as we had a couple of important calls. I did knock off a little early Friday and take a short nap.

Lay has his final exam in his EMT class Monday. We mostly stayed in this weekend so he could study. We drove to River View Saturday night so he could look at a carbon fiber hood for his car, but he opted not get it due to some bad scratches. I had to teach Sunday School this morning, so I spent time preparing for that. Yesterday I did manage to get the Christmas lights up on the outside of the house. I’d hoped to get the Christmas Tree up, but just didn’t feel up to that. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow night.

So, nothing really exciting this weekend.

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