Dec 032006

My closest friends will tell you that I normally dread February. Historically, if major bad things are going to happen to me, it will be in February. However this year, it waited until November.

Late in October I’d spent some money on some needed repairs around the house. I had some serious work done on the fence, and had heavy trimming done to the oaks that overhang the house. That  had cost around $2,500 all together, but that seemed like it for major expenditures for this year. Well, then the hot tub went out early in November. Since I’d done repairs on it once a few years ago, I knew it was time for a replacement. OK, I wasn’t thrilled, but it was a killer.

Then, just before Thanksgiving, the washing machine burns up…and I do mean burns up…smoke and all. Then, the week before Thanksgiving week, Lay’s car blows up…and again, I mean really blows up. Turns out it through a rod through the engine block. Because the car had been modified when he bought it, I convinced him to get the extended warranty. Of course, then they denied the claim because it had been modified. I am not happy, but despite what the new engine will cost (about $4,000 when all is said and done), it’s probably not worth pursuing legally. I sure want to though.

Oh, and then the lamp in my office quit working last week.

So, I’m glad November is over. Christmas is going to be a lot leaner this year than I’d planned, but that’s the way it goes.

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