Jan 292007

Ice Block hits carAndres Javage is still making payments on his dream car, a mustang, and he’s had it less than a year…but it got crushed yesterday. It seems a chunk of ice bigger than a football fell from the sky and crushed the roof and blew out some of the windows.

Barry Goldsmith, a forecaster with the National Weather Service, said complex weather circumstances in the upper levels of the atmosphere may create large balls of ice, known as megacryometeors. But Sunday’s weather conditions alone – partly cloudy, cool and breezy – likely weren’t responsible for such a destructive chunk of ice.

Inspectors with the Federal Aviation Administration began reviewing flight schedules Sunday to determine whether the ice might have come from an aircraft. “We are looking into it,” FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown said. “There are various ways ice can form on a plane and break off.” For instance, there are cases of blue ice related to the lavatory of a plane, she said. (So don’t lick the blue ice.) However, the ice that struck the Mustang was clear.

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