Jan 222007

A documentary that investigates the birth and death of the electric car, as well as the role of renewable energy and sustainable living in the future.

Directed by
Chris Paine


Phyllis Diller, Colette Divine, David Freeman, Reverend Gadget, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Peter Horton, Huell Howser, Alexandra Paul, Paul Scott, Bob Sexton, Chelsea Sexton, Martin Sheen, J. Karen Thomas

Lay and I watched this movie a couple of weekends ago. Lamenting, analyzing, then symbolizing a death of the little seen car wonder underlines many subtle and more overt tragedies that befell us simpletons in so many departments when it came to the short lived, controversial life of the electric car. As in any admirable expose documentary, the bittersweet tone of objectified ignorance swells near the end where Chris Paine convincingly details the multiple avenues of injustice dealt to the painfully short lived prototype environment friendly vehicle. Unfortunately, this pretty potent piece will likely remain most gripping where it’s short fueled controversy took place, California. It was there, the ex-electric drivers explained, the notorious trial run for this beautiful piece of machinery played out it’s subverted bureaucracy, and turns out it is quite a juicy little piece of automotive industry history, though played out in a small pocket of the country. What helps keep the crisp pace, aside from the well rounded criticism afforded to any and all parties involved with this botched fiasco, is the gentle insinuation into our relentless and inherent need to be stupid creatures of habit at the planets continuing expense. Without hitting viewers over the head with grandstanding elitism, Who Killed the Electric Car also shows us who killed our need to care.

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