Feb 072007

Katherine Harris, the unhinged, bible-beating former congresswoman from Florida is still parking her Beemer convertible in a Congressional building, with the 109th Congress medallion still hanging from it.

This follows her brazen appearance at the State of the Union, where she was photographed passing out her business cards. From Roll Call’s “Heard on the Hill” via Raw Story:

Ben Pershing writes that “he still doesn’t know quite what Harris has been up to since her highly enjoyable tenure in Congress ended, and he couldn’t reach her for comment for this item. But at least he can report where her car is.”

The article says ‘Heard on the Hill’ was tipped that “Harris still parks her $100,000 BMW convertible in the Cannon [House Office Building] parking garage.”

Pershing asserts that “he can confirm that the ex-lawmaker has indeed been parking it regularly [there] since she lost her day job. The car was there Friday evening, in the same spot where she always parked when she actually worked in that building.”

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