Mar 162007

Click on the photo on the right, and you can see more photos of the video card from my PC. For some time, I’d had a noise from the PC. I could smack it and that would stop.

Well, I guess that noise was this fan. Earlier this week, the computer started crashing and restarting on a regular basis, and the error report was indicating something related to the video driver. I was afraid this might be an integrated video card, meaning I might have to just replace the PC, but it turns out it was a seperate card.

Quick trip to the local CompUSA, and I’m back in business.

But man, I can’t believe how that little fan managed to twist it’s bracket up like that and wrench itself around. There was, at one point, that acrid eletrical burning smell. So, as you can see from the black on the processor, it’s toast.

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