Jun 152007

I only caught the tail end of the report, but it appears, based on what I was hearing on WRAL that, in a statement in his State Bar hearing, Durham DA Mike Nifong announced that he was going to step down as DA. According to the WRAL reporter, he was “nearly in tears.”

Boo f’ing Hoo. I am certain his motivation is totally disingenuous. As late as last week, he was saying he wasn’t going to step down. I’m guessing he did this right before his cross-examination to throw that off. If the cross-examining gets too tough, he’ll now be seen as a sympathetic figure. He’s sitting there on the live feed admitting to things he said, and saying he knows they were inappropriate…so why did he say them? He never answers that.

They just went over his calendar, and he had about eight appointments over two days with news outlets, “about the case.” Also, they entered a statement he had made about how the news media had never heard of him before this case came around. As always expected, this was all based on that political campaign. I think right now, he’s about to hang himself talking about the conventional political wisdom about how to win an election.

I believe he made this statement for the sole purpose of getting everyone to be sympathetic to him, and give him a slap on the wrist. He ruined the lives of three people for his own political ends…so he needs to have his law license permanently revoked.

However, my guess is they will now suspend his law license for about a year, and that’ll be it.

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