Jul 132007

Man, this past week has been rough at work. We had two major proposals to get out, and I have been chained to this desk for 16 hour days the whole week. Thank heaven for client imposed deadlines. They are both out, so the pressure is off. Hopefully next week won’t be so bad.

In the background, I have been working on planning for a major upgrade to the software that runs this site. They’ve made some major changes to the functionality, so most all the plugins will have to be updated. We use a lot of those here at Deep to give you the best possible experience, so that has all take some time. It’s also time for a major clean-up of the site files and the database, so the testing process has been extensive. I think we’re about ready to migrate.

If all goes well, you won’t notice a thing except some performance improvements. I also hope you’ll notice more posting now that I’m not so under the gun at work.

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