Jul 292007

It was a fairly quiet weekend. Lay was working, so we did not have his nephews over, and I got a little much needed rest.

The headset jack on the cordless telephone headset had gone bad. I first thought it was the headset itself, as I go through one of those about every six months. I think it’s critical given that I can often spend hours on teleconferences, and am often typing while on the conferences taking notes or updating spreadsheets. I bought the new headset, and found that didn’t solve the problem, so I went up to Circuit City to buy a new Uniden handset. They have ones they say will work with the base I have, but it turns out they will not. I can order a replacement headset, but the one for my base is $55. The ones that fit every other Uniden base are only $25. Well, a whole new base unit with TWO headsets was only $64 with a $10 rebate.

I had not been to church in a while, so I went to Sunday School this morning. We had what was frankly uninspiring and uninteresting discussion about the anti-christ. I got asked to teach again on Labor Day Sunday. I’m not sure I want to take it on. I also went to Clearwater today to pick up a car part of Lay’s Honda. I had dinner with Mike and Jeff.

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