Jul 072007

Well, I realize it’s been quite some time since there were last updates to this blog. I apologize for the absence, but it was due to work. The previous several weeks involved some very long days, and most of those were spent writing proposals…so by the time evening came around, I was tired of writing.

There hasn’t been a ton of news to report on the personal front. My Mom, who had knee replacement surgery a couple of months ago, had to go back in for an adjustment. The Doctor thought he had it too tight. Somehow he manipulates her leg to loosen it. Mom was doing very well, but now reports she’s doing great. This was an outpatient thing.

I took most of this week off for some much needed rest, but as usual, didn’t get as much rest as hoped. We had most of Lay’s family over for the 4th of July. I picked up his nephews Tuesday night. They swam for several hours between short thunderstorms, shot fireworks, and then watched a movie until late into the night.

Lay has this little mouse that is dressed in a karate outfit. If you squeeze his hand he yells, dances and sings “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting” while spinning numchucks in his hand. On a previous overnighter, the boys snuck to the door outside Lay’s room, put him down, and squeezed his hand. This time, Lay did it to them before they were awake, and they were none too happy. I guess getting to sleep in since they are out of school had reset their clock.

Of course on the the 4th they were ready to start swimming at 9am. We held them back a little. Lay’s sister brought her 13 month old little girl over. She already has a charming personality, and she discovered that she loves playing in the pool. I’d take her out of the float we had for her, and she would just splash and laugh. The more that got on her face, the more she laughed. We took her out to eat, and she just screamed to get back in. She’s going to be a lot like her nephews. When they finally got her out for good, she’d grab the little bathing suit top off the table and give it to her Mom to put it back on so she could go back in the water. We got a few pictures, and you can see them here>>

Our friends Mike and Jeff came over, and I grilled corn and chicken wings (three kinds). It was a pretty fun day, but it was so hot it was quite tiring.

Today is very hot too. There is stuff I’d love to be doing in the yard, but the between a hot 90 degree temperature, and very high humidity, it’s just too hot to be outside digging in the yard.

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