Aug 252007

In cruising around on-line, I came across an interesting article by Dave Lindorff at Information Clearing House. Dave’s take a very factual and intellectual look at the steps that have been taken over the past four years to strengthen the Executive Branch whilst weakening the other branches of government (and often simply outright disregarding them).

He quotes Bruce Fein as an example, “Really, by declaring the US to be a battlefield, Bush already made it possible for himself to declare martial law, because you can always declare martial law on a battlefield,” he says. “All he would need would be a pretext, like another terrorist attack on the U.S.”

Indeed, the revised Insurrection Act (10. USC 331-335) approved by Congress and signed into law by Bush last October, specifically says that the president can federalize the National Guard to “suppress public disorder” in the event of “national disorder, epidemic, other serious public health emergency, terrorist attack or incident.” That determination, the act states, is solely the president’s to make. Congress is not involved.

This is not tin foil hat kind of stuff. It’s a serious and real take on the current situation in America. I urge you to read it.

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