Oct 272007

Elephants Electrocuted in Drunken RampageMSNBC
That scrolled by on my news ticker, so how could you now click and read a story with that headline. It happened in India where elephants apparently have a taste for a rice beer brewed by local villagers. In this case, six elephants got into the drums of fermenting beer, got drunk and went on a rampage. They were eventually electrocuted when one of them knocked down a power line pole.

Citrus County Florida Necrophilia Plot ThwartedTBO.com
According to the report, a man in St. Petersburg had struck up an online friendship with a man in Citrus Springs. Eventually, Kevin Wade Daley asked the St. Pete man to help him kill someone so he could have sex with the victim. He’d targeted a handyman that worked in the neighborhood.

Trash to TreasureDayton Daily News
It’s the classic story of someone out for a daily walk in NYC and finding an interesting painting put out as trash. Turns out it’s an important work by Rufino Tamayo stolen in 1987. It’s been returned to the original owner, and will be auctioned at Sotheby’s, and could bring as much as $1 million. No word on whether the person that found gets a cut.

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