Nov 172007

It remains dry, but it’s been very cool the past few nights, getting into the 40’s. There could be some frost tonight north of here and inland. It’s definitely given things an Autumn feel. Looking at the web cams earlier today, I see that Appalachian Ski Mountain is already making snow like crazy, as has Sugar Mountain. There was a light dusting of snow up in the North Carolina mountains, but it sounds like it will be a bit warmer when we are up there Friday.

Lay’s nephews are over to spend the night, as two of them have birthday’s next week. We won’t be here. Lay and I will be traveling to North Carolina. While I’m taking the whole week off, Lay will be working Monday and Tuesday, so unfortunately, we’ll be on the road Wednesday. I am not looking forward to that.

Soon, I’ve got to take some time off that doesn’t involve travel, family obligations or anything else.  I just need some quiet downtime…next to impossible to get when Lay is also off. While the work load at work is down some, overall stress in my life in general remains a bit high, and I’m just really worn to a frazzle due the lack of vacation over the past couple years, and most especially this past year.

Hopefully, I can find some time to continue catching up on my blogging Sunday and early next week.

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