Nov 232007

Guns and Auto Repair-Usually Not A Good Mix
The Tacoma Washington News Tribune reports that a 66 year old man grew frustrated after working for a couple of weeks on his Lincoln Continental. It seems he couldn’t get one final lug nut off the right rear tire, so his solution was to stand about arms length from the tire and try to shoot the lug nut off with a 12 guage shotgun. Needless to say, he suffered some serious injuries to his lower extremities. Sort gives a whole new perspective to “lug nut.”

Texas Episcopals Move to Split-Associate Press
The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth voted Saturday to take the first steps towards withdrawing from the national Church and aligning with an overseas Anglican Bishop. This all sounds great, but just you wait until this ultra-conservative Bishop starts handing his decrees to these Texans. It’ll go way beyond homosexuality, and they’ll regret this decision.

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