Nov 012007

My oh my, it seems another gay bashing homophobic republican has been caught with his pants down, or rather his lingerie up. Richard Curtis, a Republican in the Washington State House has had to resign after an extortion attempt resulted in the disclosure of some pretty kinky sexual behavior.

It appears he wanted to have unprotected sex, and it involved women’s lingerie. Now it really shouldn’t matter what someone does with another consenting adult in private, but that is precisely the point. Mr. Curtis has been one of the many Republican “family values” hate mongers out there trying to force the government into the private lives of gay…all the while, indulging in some pretty kinky same-sex affairs himself.

So, while I hope we someday get past the need to put such salacious discussions out there, these people, who choose public life, and try to force their public beliefs on others, get what they deserve. 

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