Dec 072007

Evening SnowI’ve been in Reston, VA since Tuesday. I flew up for a series of work related meetings at my company’s headquarters. Now I’m trying to get home. Due to some slightly bad weather, things are running about ninety minutes behind (so far). I’m hoping it doesn’t get any worse.

The weather has actually been pleasant up here for me this week. Most of the residents didn’t care too much for it, but it was cold without being bitterly cold, and there was a very nice pretty snow that fell Wednesday. It made the usually ridiculous traffic even worse, but we don’t stay far from the office. I enjoyed having the chance to watch the snow fall. It kind of helped me get in a holiday mood.

Now I’m ready to head home. I was originally on a 9:30 pm flight, but learned yesterday that today’s meeting would wind up early enough for me to be on the earlier 6:30 flight. Fortunately I got on that since it’s already running an hour late. I’m sure the later flight will be running late as well. As usual on a weather-affected Friday afternoon/evening, the airport is a zoo. It’s times like this that make the Red Carpet Club worth the expense. I’m able to slip off into a corner work cubicle and enjoy some relative peace and quiet.

This weekend will be busy since I’ve been out of town for the week. I have the outside decorations up at the house, but the inside stuff will have to be done this weekend, and I’d like to get a lot of the holiday shopping out of the way. I may take Monday off and do some it also.

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