Jan 062008

Well, I guess they’re not, but you’d think the election was all but over given the importance the news channels gave to the Iowa Caucus this week. A couple hundred thousand people voted, and you’d think we could hold the conventions next week given the hoopla given this one caucus by the 24 hour news channels.

Clearly, these people have way too much time on their hands. My hope had always been that with a couple of 24 hour news outlets, we’d get some serious and in-depth reporting and maybe even some great investigative reporting. Alas, that would be too difficult. It’ s much easier to bring a bunch of partisan hacks, sit around a table in a comfortable studio, and yell at and over each other for a few hours…and make something big out of nothing.

I guess about the only good thing going on this year is that the races are too close to call…which just drives these pundits crazy. They prefer to pontificate about the obvious, and make you think they’re so smart…they ain’t looking so smart this time around. Things aren’t playing out exactly as they would want them too.

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