Jan 062008

The Simpsons MovieHomer Simpson must save Springfield for an environmental catastrophe he created.

Director: David Silverman

Genre: Comedy, Animation and Adaptation

Starring: Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Pamela Hayden, Albert Brooks

We had Lay’s nephews over the weekend before Christmas, and along with going to the theater to see I Am Legend, we watched The Simpson’s here at the house.

It’s really just an extended episode of the Simpsons. If you like the TV Show, you’ll love the movie. If you don’t like the show, you probably won’t like the movie. It is classic Simpsons gags, and we had a lot of laughs watching it.

The strength of the movie, as with the show, is not the brilliant story line as much as it’s what is said and done within the framework of that story line. I could probably tell you the entire plot and not ruin any of the movie for you.

Homer does something truly thoughtless indicating he is oblivious to everyone but himself, including Marge. As a result of his thoughtlessness, the town of Springfield is to be destroyed. Only Homer is left to save the town from its horrible fate that he initiated through his own actions. It’s a funny premise, but one the show has used before. As usual, the real laughs are in the dialogue.

The focus is on the Simpson family and the other characters are fit in perfectly without a sense of being forced into the story. The only guest stars are Green Day, Tom Hanks and Albert Brooks, who has been on the show very often.

At the core of the film is the story that Homer is a moron, who will eventually, albeit temporarily, learn his lesson because he will come to the realization that he loves Marge. Without Marge, Homer would be Barney.

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