Feb 262008

We have already held the primary here in Florida, but of course our vote didn’t count (more on that in another post). At the time John Edwards was still in the race, and I voted for him. I believe he was the most sincere candidate running, and he seemed to have the most radical ideas for change, and some radical change is needed. Of course you know he’s out now, and it’s down to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. So who will I be voting for in the general question? Well frankly, I’m still debating who I hope gets there for the Democrats.

I don’t know if there was ever a time I would have voted for John McCain, but there was a time I could have probably lived with him as President. I have completely changed my mind about him. I think he’s been in Washington long enough to have become pretty much as corrupt as the rest of them. Despite his rants against the lobbying industry in Washington, he’s more connected to it than anyone. His complete support for The Bush/Cheney War and their attempts to circumvent the constitution makes him unsuitable to be President.

There was a hint today that Mitt Romney might “un-suspend” his campaign. While it’s obvious the religious wingnuts don’t like McCain, I hope the Republicans won’t reward this Ross Perot move (I’m in, I’m out, I’m in again.) Of course this has been typical of the Romney campaign. He’s changed his position on practically every issue since he played to liberals to get elected in Massachusetts. So his dishonesty makes Romney unsuitable (but a perfect Republican candidate).

Ralph Nader has said he plans to enter the race again. I’m sure there are a bunch of Republicans whispering in his ear to run, and I suspect they are lining up the appropriate funding for his campaign. Ralph Nader used to have my respect, but his feeble attempts at politics has diminished his legacy. I do believe his 2000 campaign helped King George ascend to the throne. Nader hasn’t even been an active consumer advocate for the past years. He brings nothing to the table. Mervin Malone at ARIA Blog has a great post examining Nader’s motivation.

So, that leaves the choice between Hillary and Barack. I have to admit up front that I can’t imagine not voting Democratic, but I am waffling between these two. I think they started off pretty strong, but have both fallen into the trap of attack politics.

I think Hillary does have more experience/exposure. She would also have access to many of Bill’s former staffers, so she could get up and running much faster than Obama. That will be critical in this time of war. Also, let’s be honest, Bill Clinton is very popular around the world, and frankly, America could use someone like him as a roving Ambassador to help restore our reputation world-wide. I am still a believer in single payer healthcare, but that’s going to require a real leader, and we’re not yet there. But I do like Clinton’s healthcare plan better than Obama’s.    

Unfortunately, Hillary got desperate at one point, and quickly resorted to some pretty infantile attacks on Obama. Disagree with him on policies, and spend your time differentiating yourself based on your priorities, but to try the whole plagiarism thing for using a line from someone on his campaign was just Bush-league (pun intended).

Obama has proffered fewer details on his plans, but he has certainly been an inspiration to a lot of people. He hasn’t been in Washington too long, so hopefully he’s not quite so beholden to the beltway boys. I think voters will hold him to his rhetoric too. Lot’s of people have invested a lot of themselves in the Obama campaign. They will expect a lot.

Unfortunately he too has resorted to some pretty nasty campaigning, but then acts offended when Clinton attacks him. Some people are trying to make a big deal out of him not wearing a flag pin. Interestingly, some idiot Republican Congressman was on Fox News last night making this claim, but I noticed he wasn’t wearing a flag pin himself…so shut up. I really don’t care how Obama elects to accessories, but I did have a problem watching a tape of his standing with his hands clasped behind his back during the National Anthem. I was taught by my family and the scouts to show appropriate respect during the presentation of the colors and the  performance of the National Anthem by placing my right over my heart. It’s now just a habit, and I would think that a U.S. Senator should have attended enough events of state to have developed the same habit. The fact that he obviously hasn’t is a huge deal to me. I was very disappointed to see that.

So, I just don’t know where to place my support yet. I suppose I’ll have to wait until the Democratic convention, and just go with whoever emerges as the nominee.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about Nader!

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