Mar 292008

It seems that State Senator Bill Posey wants to end Daylight Savings time in Florida. According to him it’s just too much trouble to change all the clocks and watches. Of course, just wait until you have to figure out what time you have a conference call. We have people in Central time, and that gets confusing sometimes. I’m scared to think what it will be like to have a different time than the rest of the east coast.

Now, the most recent studies seem indicate we really don’t get the savings in power consumption we used to get. America has become very much a 24 hour/365 day society. And it does mess up my body clock for about a week, and I do enjoy it getting darker later…but I only want to switch if the rest of country eliminates the change as well. Frequent fliers like me will never when they’re supposed to be somewhere.

But even more idiotically, Sen. Jim King doesn’t approve of nixing daylight saving time. Without it, he reasoned, the Sunshine State would be without some of its precious daylight. I just don’t get these people that think someone you “loose” daylight. The amount of time the sun is above the horizon is the same regardless of what time we call. If Sen. King needs more daylight, he can just get his ass up a bit earlier.

What a bunch of goobers, but then again, it is the Florida Legislature.

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