Apr 112008

Verizon Employees Picket Because Their Customer Service is so Bad
Well, here’s an interesting twist. It seems that call center employees are so tired of bad customer service from the field that they are picketing their own call center. Apparently all their managers are interested in is having them sell additional products/services instead of handling problems (“would you like fries with that sir?”) Also, they’ve taken all the copper wire phone techs and moved them to FIOS, so they can’t get a phone working again within the usual 24 hours. Good for the employees. (Read More …)

Diaper Clad Monkey Captured in Orlando – AP
A monkey apparently escaped from his home through a window, and was captured by animal control later in the day. He was lured into a cage with a bananna. (Read More …)

Man Arrested for Hitting Police Horse in the Butt
Carl Coward managed to get his picture on the Tampa Tribune site (his mugshot that is), after he was arrested early Sunday morning in Ybor City. The Police were beginning to clear the streets as the clubs were closing, and apparently Carl thought it would be a great idea to punch one of the Police Horses in the butt. Besides the possibility of getting arrested, a horse is not on the list of animals it’s smart to antagonize. (Read More …)

Hillsborough Election Supervisor Has Tax Problem
For the fourth year in a row, Hillsborough County Elections Supervisor Buddy Johnson is late paying county property taxes. Johnson missed an April 1 deadline to pay $1,682 in 2007 taxes he owes on 20 acres and a small house on Thonotosassa Road near Plant City. He owns the property through a limited liability corporation he created, Fort Bully LLC, but still tried to get a homestead exemption. (Read More…)

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